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The LIVE Awards recognise the leading companies and individuals from right across the £5.2bn UK live music business. From classical to grime, baroque to rock, the UK live music sector is recognised as one of the world’s greatest markets and a true beacon for concert and festival organisers around the world. The LIVE Awards recognises this excellence in the field, and at the venue.

The LIVE Awards will be presented on 11 December in London. The LIVE Awards are an opportunity for nominees from all aspects of our wonderful, world class live music industry to shout about their achievements, and gain rightful recognition from peers, and the broader music and entertainment world.
To be considered for a LIVE Award, each potential nominee should submit a short application which answers up to three questions.
Based on the information submitted, each entry will then be reviewed on its own merits by a closed and anonymous panel of industry judges, ensuring that the awards are a true reflection of business excellence in live music.
This entry process is an opportunity to highlight your key achievements and successes. 
This is your chance to bring attention to your business and its activities, getting deserved recognition and reward from others both in the live music business and beyond.
This guide will give you an overview of all categories including their criteria, and how the awards are judged. 

Entries are invited until 11th October 2024.

The full awards list for The LIVE Awards 2024 is:
1. The LIVE Green Award
2. The LIVE Workforce Award
3. Venue of the Year
4. Grassroots Champion
5. Booking Agency of the Year (x2 categories)
6. Top Ticketing Service
7. National Promoter of the Year
8. Regional Promoter of the Year
9. Major Festival of the Year
10. Festival of the Year
11. Road Warrior of the Year
12. Production Supplier
13. Brand Partnership
14. The LIVETime Achievement Award 

The LIVE Awards are open to any company that has a UK-based office or operation.

Please read the following general guidelines before submitting your entry:
• Please follow the requested format that is set out in the online submission form and complete all information fully on behalf of you or your company only (you cannot
nominate a different company, Roadie of the Year is the only category people can nominate others).
• To ensure that all entries are of a similar standard, and judges can assess entries evenly, it is important that you pay attention to the criteria and answer each question as
completely as possible.
• We can only accept one submission per awards entry. We cannot accept any requests to add further, or new, information once the deadline is passed.
• Please include all requested information. Incomplete entries may not be put forward or may result in a lower overall score.
• All entries must be submitted via the LIVE Awards website. Entries submitted by any other means or format will not be considered.

For further information and enquiries, please contact us at

The eligibility period for submissions should relate to the period 1 January 2024 to 1 December 2024.
Please ensure that your entry only contains information about activity which took place (or will take place) during this time.
Each award category outlines which companies may apply – please ensure that your company is eligible to enter that category.
Entries can be submitted by companies themselves, or others on their behalf, and any number of categories can be entered.
All information submitted in your entry will remain strictly confidential between the LIVE team members involved in shortlisting, and only used or referenced in relation to the awards themselves.

We take confidentially very seriously. If you make the shortlist, the judges will also keep all details of each entry confidential as well.
Where necessary, non-disclosure agreements will be signed by the judges.

Entries open for The LIVE Awards on 8 July and close on 11 October 2024.

The judging process for The LIVE Awards is simple and transparent, and designed to ensure a fair and impartial route to determining the winner in each category.
After the entry deadline expires, the LIVE executive team decides on the shortlist in each category, which is then put forward for the panel of judges to anonymously assess.
This process is guided by set criteria to impartially identify the eventual winners in each category.
Where categories are particularly competitive, or in the event of a large number of entries being received, we may ask for expert advice from relevant specialists.
The shortlist will be announced in the second half of October 2024.

Each category in The LIVE Awards will be decided by a small, invited number of senior industry professionals. To ensure there is no conflict of interest, and that each judge is
qualified to assess each category, The LIVE Awards invites different judges for each award, though some judges may judge multiple categories.

In order to maintain confidentiality around the judging process, the identities of the judges will not be revealed. Judges remaining anonymous helps to ensure clear boundaries
around the process.
It would be unfair to adopt a one-size-fits all approach to the various categories throughout The LIVE Awards, and so each award will be judged differently, based on the
specifics of the category.
Each judge reads every entry on the shortlist in the category that they are judging, and judges are able to recuse themselves from scoring particular entries if necessary to ensure that the process is fair to all entrants. Judges will score each shortlisted entry against the specific criteria of each award.
To avoid lobbying or any influence from other judges or third parties, voting is private. Once all judges have marked the shortlisted entries, the scores are collated (and checked for any anomalies) to determine the winner.

The winners will be announced at The LIVE Awards on Wednesday 11 December, at Troxy in London.

Unless specified otherwise, your entry should not be longer than 1,000 words in total. Your entry should address the criteria set out for that award.
If you enter a category and the award’s team believes your entry is more suitable to another category, we reserve the right to move your entry into that category.

Please ensure that you submit your entry within the correct form for that category.
Supporting material is optional and must be uploaded before submitting the form.
Supporting material and testimonials cannot be submitted after the entry form is submitted.

Please ensure you have the following items to upload to your entry:
• Your contact information
• Photo for Roadie of the Year Award
• Your text only submission (max 1,000 words)
• Testimonials from clients, artists or supporters (optional). These must be included within the word count.
Please ensure that all information submitted is accurate and checked.
If you are shortlisted, we may publish your company name and logo in a LIVE Awards guide or any event marketing as it is submitted.
Please ensure that it is accurate, and you are happy for it to be published.

For further information and enquiries, please contact us at